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Cayenne Pepper


A household staple in Central and South America, cayenne pepper is often used in spice blends that need to be hot while maintaining a rich flavor. That’s also the reason it is popular in American cooking. It adds zip to any dish that calls for enough heat and flavor. 

Premium pure cayenne pepper

At The Spice Way, we offer premium pure Cayenne Pepper. It is made of 100% hot red pepper, called after the city of Cayenne. It has no additives, agents, or preservatives. In its purest form, it will surely deliver the heat you need while enhancing the flavors of your dish. 

Our Cayenne Pepper is always packed fresh and in small batches only. From farm to table, it will arrive at your door ready to elevate your daily cooking. Just try adding our Cayenne Pepper to any of your dishes instead of regular pepper, and you will see the difference. 

How to use

You can use our Cayenne Pepper in Mexican, Indian, Asian, and Southern dishes and other cuisines. Simply add a dash of this sweet-spicy pepper to your pot of beans, stews, soups, fried chicken, & enchiladas, and you will notice the enhanced flavors of the other ingredients. Love eating breakfast? Sprinkle it over egg dishes, like scrambled eggs, egg salads, and quiches. It can also add a nice kick to your homemade lemonade or hot chocolate drink. 

Quick product features

  • Ground and 100% pure: Our Cayenne Pepper is meticulously ground from 100% Cayenne pepper. And it has zero additives, preservatives, and agents.
  • Always fresh: The product is packed fresh and only in small batches.
  • Farm to table: It is produced by a farm with over three decades of experience growing peppers, spices, and herbs using traditional & sustainable techniques.
  • Perfect for various dishes: When a recipe calls for a balanced chile pepper heat, the Cayenne Pepper is the pepper you exactly need.

  When ordering quantities of 1 lb and above, product might be sent in one bulk bag. 


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