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Recent studies have shown that your body constantly tries to maintain a certain weight level and when extreme diet plan is implemented it just fights harder.

These studies support what we have known all along - that extreme dietary changes are bound to result in bad long term results. 

So the big question is what should we do in order to make the changes that we seek in a way that will not alarm the body and encourage it to fight back. The answer has to do with small steps that reaffirms the body that we are not seeking short term results and that it shouldn't protect us from ourselves. We have to keep in mind that the body fights us for our own good and we have to make sure that we are working with our body and not against it.  

This change can only be successfully accomplished by applying small but substantial changes and incorporating the right herbs and spices that will support the process. Most people can't hold a 1000 calories' diet nor they should, but show me a change devoted person that can't add one cup of tea a day to their diet. Show me a person that can't just make sure that he consumes a certain spice, that he can choose from a variety of flavors, a few times a week. Clearly, everyone can do it, and that is the essence of the idea of small steps. 

After reaching the obvious conclusion that such a course of action is doable, you have to decide what are the changes you intend to uphold. I can recommend a few, but it is really an open list. 

Garcinia Cambogia - a tropical fruit that according to traditional medicine, has the power to monitor sugar levels, suppress appetite and some even say that it can reduce buildup of fat. Many food supplement companies use different forms of this fruit in their products. We use it in various functional herb blends like the Detoxify and the Digestive Aide. 

Dandelion - a wonderful plant that is known to support cleansing. It is known to support the liver, that is why we use it in our Liver Better blend. In addition, it is also known to support bone health, urinary disorders and maintain sugar levels.

These are only two examples out of hundreds, that can support the change you seek - for the long run. 

Good Luck. 

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