Herbs have been used for generations in many cultures, to relieve and aid to cope with seasonal health symptoms.

Winter is just around the corner and it's time to think about all the ways we can use plants, to help us cope with the cold season. So let's get started. Fill your pantry with the right plants and start using them the minute you have the first hint of a sniffle, or even when you're already congested!



Question: How can medicinal plants help me stay warm in the winter?



Answer: hyssop, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom have been used for generations as herbs that encourage a better blood flow, hence warm the body. Another plant mixture that will warm you up in the cold weather is an Indian chai or the Tunisian herbal blend, lemon verbena, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, and other herbs.


 You can use these herbs by making an infusion. It is very easy, just steep them in hot water, wait for 5 min. and drink the water. 


Question: How can I build up my immune system?



Answer: Improving your immune system is a key to fight diseases. Traditional medicine believe that some herbs stimulate the immune system and can have a positive effect on it. These plants are rich in vitamin C such as rose hips and elderberry. In addition, there are some powerful herbs that are also known to help such as hyssop, sage, and echinacea.



Question: How can the flu be treated?



Answer: Flu is a virus and cannot be treated with antibiotics. In ancient times, they used to treat the virus with linden (tilia), chamomile, elderberry flowers, and elderberry fruit.



Question: How can I deal with a runny or stuffy nose?



Answer: there are herbs that are believed to act as decongestants, such as greater plantain and thyme.



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