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Sumac Powder


There’s a reason sumac is a household staple in Middle-Eastern countries. It has a tart, lemony taste, which can work as a substitute for salt. You can use it to upgrade your dips and salads or sprinkle it on meat before cooking—just like how you would season it with salt. 

High-quality & natural sumac 

At The Spice Way, we freshly grind sumac berries to produce 100% pure Sumac Powder. Every bag of Sumac Powder has no preservatives, anti-caking agents, or fillers. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t add salt to our sumac to make it cheaper nor add coloring agents to make it darker. You can expect sumac in its purest form when you buy from our shop. 

Also, we deliver from farm to table. Every bag is packed fresh in a resealable bag. Our team only prepares sumac in small batches to ensure their freshness and quality when they arrive at your door. 

How to use 

With a tart, sour lemon taste, sumac is excellent on kebabs, chicken, fish, and vegetables. It’s also perfect for seasoning or upgrading the flavors of your salads, hummus, and other Middle-Eastern dips. And again, you can use it as a substitute for salt. Don’t hesitate to rub The Spice Way’s Sumac Powder on your favorite meat cuts before frying or grilling them. 

Quick product features

  • 100% pure: Our Sumac Powder has zero preservatives, additives, MSG, coloring agents, or salt. What you’ll get is just freshly ground sumac spice.
  • Always fresh: It is freshly packed in a resealable bag. 
  • Farm to table: Every bag of Sumac Powder is produced on a farm with three decades of experience growing and harvesting spices using traditional methods.
  • Suitable for various dishes: Like the household staple salt, sumac is suitable for seasoning various dishes. Try it with meat, fish, vegetables, salads, dips, and more.

When ordering quantities of 1 lb and above, product might be sent in one bulk bag. 


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