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Smoked Paprika

  • PURE SMOKED PAPRIKA - This paprika is smoked using a unique combination of herbs. Nothing is added to this paprika. Most manufacturers add a smoking flavor agent. Be sure you are getting the real thing.
  • EXOTIC FLAVOR - Often used by chefs, because it is so strong (ASTA 200) and they can use less paprika and achieve better results.
  • FARM TO TABLE - 30 years of experience in growing peppers using traditional methods like hand-picking, sun-drying and grounding at our facility.
  • JUST PAPRIKA - Non GMO, no irradiation, no preservatives, no additives, no agents.
  • WHY SUN-DRIED - did you know paprika has more vitamin C than citrus? When the paprika is dried with large ovens, it looses a lot of the nutritional value. Sun-drying the paprika is a traditional method that helps maintain all the wonderful health benefits. You will also taste the difference with a rich taste and see the difference when it will color any dish.

When ordering quantities of 1 lb and above, product might be sent in one bulk bag. 


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