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Spices, herbs, infusions and tea have been a part of the human culture for thousands of years and were used to enhance taste and even for healing purposes. Recent studies have shown, what the ancient wisdom had known for centuries, that incorporating spices and herbs in your diet has many advantages including numerous health benefits. But even though we know all that, most of us are still puzzled as to what to consume, why to consume and especially how. The Spice Way offers just that.


The Spice Way is an international concept with stores in the U.S., Europe and the middle east in addition to wholesale activity all over the world. In 2014, the American venture began by selling the first franchise in the U.S. and in early 2015 the first franchise store was opened in Encinitas, CA. All spices and herbs are grown, harvested and sold or blended without any additives. We strongly believe that only consuming the natural spices, can truly allow you to enjoy the true benefits embedded in nature. The food industry has developed numerous methods to enhance the visually of food, thus making it more attractive. We, at The Spice Way, believe that we lost something in the way. What would you prefer, a beautiful Paprika with anti-caking agent or the natural one that was grown, harvested and available for your enjoyment. For us the answer is simple and intuitive. The food industry is also trying to customize itself to the growing interest in herbs and spices by doing what they do best, Incorporating spices in many products in small quantities while claiming it still has benefits and knowing that just mentioning spices and herbs on any product will enhance sales. We feel that it is high time to return to nature and to consume the real thing. 


With so many different spices and herbs to choose from comes the disadvantage of an overwhelming variety that can be intimidating and also makes you feel like there is a secret society of people who know what to buy and eat and if you are not a part of that society, you are doomed to a life of processed food. We, at The Spice Way, share the secrets of the spices and strongly believe that this knowledge is not ours to keep. No one should have trademark on nature and ancient wisdom and that is why we offer a lot of free information and activities. Everyone is entitled to a chance to change his life and improve his health and well-being and we believe that the world can be a better and healthier place if we will help promote the use of spices and herbs and make the wisdom accessible to as many people as possible.