Edible Fruit Infusions

A lot of people love eating dried fruits, rich with fibers and taste, dried fruits are the essence of everything we love in fruits. With The Spice Way's infusions, now you can drink a wonderful infusion made out of dried fruits and also eat the infused fruits in the process. Great as an after-meal dessert, when hosting or just for an afternoon delight. In addition, it is so easy to make: 

 - Steep in Hot water

- Wait for two minutes

- Enjoy a refreshing breath taking drink

- Eat the fruits.



Steep. Drink. Eat. 



Choose from a variety of ingredients: Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Hibiscus, Pomelo, Ginger, Wild Fruits and much more. 



"Majadra" - Lentils & Onion Mix

"Majadra" - Lentils & Onion Mix

A great easy to use blend that enhances any rice or quinoa dishes. This blend has both lentils and T..

$3.75 $6.90 Ex Tax: $3.75

Almonds & Raisin Mix

Almonds & Raisin Mix

A great blend for rice or quinoa that combines the earthy taste of the almonds, with a semi sweet ta..

$3.50 $6.90 Ex Tax: $3.50



This blend is another one with carefully selected ingredients to offer herbal balance to stimulate i..

$13.50 $17.90 Ex Tax: $13.50