Spice Blends

Spice Blends

We grow, dry and blend our spices and what you can be rest assure that all you receive is just our spices and nothing else. We don't add stabilizers, taste enhancers - nothing. 

Some of our spices are even sun-dried, allowing the minerals and vitamins to remain in the spice. 

Our blends by their general use but when you visit our recipe page, you will soon discover that most blends are versatile. 

Onion & Herbs Seasoning Dip Mix

Part of our Dip Mix line, this blend is really easy to use and spices up any soft cheese. How t..

Onion Dip Mix

To those who like simplicity, what is easier than just adding the blend to soft cheese and eating.. ..

Onion Soup Base Blend

Part of our vegetable soup line, this blend contains ground vegetables as a soup base substitute. Th..

Oregano Fish Blend

A green blend that combines garlic and oregano to enhance any fish dish. Ingredients: Garl..

Oven-Baked Meat Blend

This blend is specially designated to be cooked in the oven and that is why it will fit wonderfully ..

Pepper Steak Blend

For the basic pepper loving cooks. This blend combines the different peppers and great when added to..

Persian Mix

A traditional Persian rice dish blend. It is very easy to use. Traditionally Persian dishes are rich..

Pesto Blend

This blend will enable you to make your own pesto sauce very easily. You will need to add olive oil ..

Pistachio Mix

Pistachio will definitely spice up your rice or quinoa dish. with onion and almonds you will create ..

Pizza & Pasta Seasoning Mix

Use this blend when you want to spice up your Italian cooking. Using our onion, paprika, garlic and ..

Pizza Base Seasoning Blend

Nothing beats making your own pizza. With our pizza base blend, you will also create chef grade pizz..

Pot Roast Seasoning Blend

A blend for meat dishes that are cooked for a long time. The black pepper, rare and wonderful black ..

Red Cajun Spiced Meat Blend

An American spicy traditional blend for meat. Ingredients: Paprika, Coriander, Garlic, Whi..

Red Pecans & Nut Mix

An interesting mix for rice with pecans  and sunflower seeds for crunchy special rice or quinoa..

Red Sea Mix

A crunchy flavorful mix that is great to use with rice or quinoa. The almonds, Onion and blackberry ..

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