Spice Blends

Spice Blends

We grow, dry and blend our spices and what you can be rest assure that all you receive is just our spices and nothing else. We don't add stabilizers, taste enhancers - nothing. 

Some of our spices are even sun-dried, allowing the minerals and vitamins to remain in the spice. 

Our blends by their general use but when you visit our recipe page, you will soon discover that most blends are versatile. 

Green Curry

A great curry blend to use with poultry and lentils. This curry's main ingredient is coriander, whic..

Grilled Chicken Blend

Grilled chicken is a very popular dish but finding the right combination of spices to go with it is ..

Hearty Herb Blend

A wonderful red blend for meat that allows you to enjoy the wonderful combination of rosemary and pa..

Herbes de Provence

A well-known French blend that enhances many dishes from Pizza to fish or chicken. Oregano, Thyme, R..

Hot Cheese Dip Mix

If you are looking for a spicy cheese dip, this blend is for you. When you add this blend to soft ch..

Hot Chili Pepper Blend

A wonderful blend that contains a variety of chilies. Great to use with meat for spicy dishes. ..

Hummus & Tahini Seasoning Blend

The benefit of the Middle Eastern diet is currently well-Known and the hummus is definitely a staple..

Indian Curry Spice Blend

The most common well known curry. With the main ingredient being turmeric, this blend will make you ..

Italian Herb Seasoning Mix

An Italian blend that includes staples from the Italian cuisine such as oregano, basil and rosemary...

Middle Eastern Mix

How to use: Follow the cooking instructions in the recipe or add according to your taste. Re..

Middle Eastern Spice Blend

The Middle Eastern blends are very rich in spices and flavors. This blend is very recommended for me..

Multi-Seed Salad Topping Mix

A combination of seeds and nuts that spices up any salad dish. How to use: Sprinkle on sal..

Mushroom Soup Base Blend

The mixture contains a natural blend of vegetables and mushrooms ground together. The mixture does n..

Mushrooms Mix

The combination of mushrooms and rice is a definite winner. How to use: Fry the mixture an..

Olive Oil Dip Mix

How to use: Add mixture to Olive Oil. Recommended for: Sauces, Pastries. Components:..

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