Spice Blends

Spice Blends

We grow, dry and blend our spices and what you can be rest assure that all you receive is just our spices and nothing else. We don't add stabilizers, taste enhancers - nothing. 

Some of our spices are even sun-dried, allowing the minerals and vitamins to remain in the spice. 

Our blends by their general use but when you visit our recipe page, you will soon discover that most blends are versatile. 

Baharat and Pine Nut Mix

The combination of the rich Baharat, with pine nuts creates a wonderful interesting rice or quinoa d..

Barbeque Blend

How to use: Add olive oil to the blend and rub into the lamb.   Recommended for:&nbs..

Barbeque Spice Blend

Barbequing is an art and as such, it deserves colors and flavors. This blend will add the colors to ..

Bolognese Blend

A simple blend that includes all the spices you need for a great Bolognese ground beef dish. In..

Burger Spice Blend

When you make your own burger, you actually know what you are using but most of the time, it lacks s..

Chinese Five Spice Blend

A traditional Chinese that includes five staples from the Chinese cuisine. This blend can be used fo..

Crunchy Salad Mix

What better way of spicing up your salad than to add a crunchy mix to your salad. Sesame, Cashews, A..

Curry Rice Mix

A mix for rice or quinoa that transforms your rice to an Indian style rice dish. Turmeric, Lentils a..

Espresso Meat Blend

The combination of meat and coffee is great and exciting. If you will try it you will see how the co..

Festive Fish Blend

    How to use: Add olive oil to the blend and rub into the fish. Ingredients..

Five-Spice Asian Mix

A mix that is added to rice and quinoa to prepare a an Asian style rice dish. Ginger, Cashews and ca..

Garam Masala Meat Blend

Masala is blend in Indian. This blend is an Indian traditional blend for meat with a combination of ..

Garlic & Onion Seasoning Dip Mix

a combination of garlic and onion that will easily enhance your soft cheese and transform then into ..

Garlic and Herb Blend

A combination of garlic and herbs that will enhance your meat dishes. Add to olive oil and rub into ..

Greek Salad Seasoning Mix

A Greek salad is made of lettuce, olives, tomato and feta cheese. This blend will enhance the dish b..

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