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Real Zaatar with Hyssop (zatar / za'atar / zahatar / za atar)


Elevate your daily cooking with Real Za’atar. It is a traditional blend of hyssop, sumac, and sesame seeds—a combo that delivers many health benefits often associated with za’atar. You can use Real Za’atar in dips, salads, meatballs, kebabs, and many other recipes. 

Pure and authentic za’atar

There’s a reason we call this bag of spices ‘Real Za’atar.’ As mentioned, it’s a traditional blend made of hyssop, sumac, and sesame seeds. Be wary of other za’atar varieties that don’t have hyssop and sumac. Such products are often made from oregano, wheat, and thyme, which are merely picked to try and create za’atar without the rare and crucial hyssop. 

At The Spice Way, we grow genuine hyssop, sumac, and sesame seeds on our farm. That enables us to produce za’atar in its authentic and purest form. Plus, we pack every bag of Real Za’atar fresh and ship it from our farm to your table to maintain its freshness. 

How to use

Za’atar recipes are easy to pull off. You can simply spread za’atar with olive oil on a flatbread. Sprinkling it on meatballs, kebabs, chicken, and vegetables before roasting or grilling gives an extra level of flavor. You can also use it to upgrade the richness and flavor of your favorite hummus, labneh, salads, and dips.

Quick product features

  • 100% authentic: Don’t settle for substitutes. Our Real Za’atar is made from a traditional blend of hyssop, sumac, and sesame seeds.
  • Always fresh: We pack our bags of Real Za’atar fresh in small batches. 
  • Farm to table: All The Spice Way products and ingredients come from a farm with 30 years of experience growing and harvesting spices using traditional methods.
  • Suitable for various dishes: Made from a traditional blend, our Real Za’atar is perfect for seasoning meatballs, kebabs, vegetables, salads, dips, and more.


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