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Chia Seeds 10 oz


We have run out of stock for this item.

  • SUPERFOOD - The perfect way to add valuable nutrients to your diet. Rich in fiber, Omega 3 and much more.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our chia seeds are carefully handled and not processed and nothing is added. You will tell the difference right away.
  • HOW TO USE - You can add the chia seeds to practically anything, adding the great nutrition value. Add to yogurt, pastries, salads - be creative!
  • GREAT QUANTITY - Our 10 oz resealable bags will have just enough for you to use on a regular basis.


We grow our spices and herbs using traditional methods, handpicked and sun-dried. 
Herbs grown in The Spice Way farm ensuring the quality of a farm to table experience. 


By growing and blending our products, we make sure no additives, no preservatives, no fillers, just spices we grow, dry and blend on our farm.


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