Turmeric is so well-known and powerful that we decided many years ago to explore different ways different cultures consumed it and of course exploring the effect it has on our well-being. 

Turmeric is also the most clinically tested spice with suggested uses for many conditions including: anti-inflammatory foods, relieve pain, swelling, fight infections and help treat digestive problems. Some research even suggested that it has the power to slow cancer growth. Even though most of these properties still haven't been proven, looking at traditional ancient uses of Turmeric, you get a feeling that they knew something.. 

"Berbere" - Ethiopian Spice Blend

A special blend that is a vital part of Ethiopian cuisine. In the last few years, a lot of recipes a..

"Chraime" - Morrocan Hot Spice Blend for Fish

A spicy blend used for hot fish dishes, originating from Morocco.  Ingredients: Sweet Morocc..

"Gondi" - Persian Meatballs Seasoning Blend

A traditional Persian blend for meat. This blend can enhance any meatball dish. The Chickpeas and Tu..

"Hawayij" - Yemen Spice for Soup

Can be used as a soup powder substitute or as soup natural flavor. Enriches every soup dish. A wonde..

"Majadra" - Lentils & Onion Mix
$6.90 $3.75

A great easy to use blend that enhances any rice or quinoa dishes. This blend has both lentils and T..

"Ras El Hanut" - Moroccan Meatballs Blend

A very special mixture of dried herbs and vegetables, known to enhance meat dishes. Ingredients..

"Tikka Masala" - Indian Chicken Blend

A great traditional Indian blend for chicken. Masala is the Indian word for blend where Tikka has go..

Asian Fish Blend

A wonderful blend that captures the Asian flavors and can create a great fish dish by simply marinat..

Curry Rice Mix

A mix for rice or quinoa that transforms your rice to an Indian style rice dish. Turmeric, Lentils a..

Grilled Chicken Blend

Grilled chicken is a very popular dish but finding the right combination of spices to go with it is ..

Ground Turmeric

Originates from the Asia, this root is used daily by a third of the world's population. It is used t..

Indian Curry Spice Blend

The most common well known curry. With the main ingredient being turmeric, this blend will make you ..


The ingredients in this herbal infusion may support a healthy liver and digestive tract.Ingredients:..

Middle Eastern Mix

How to use: Follow the cooking instructions in the recipe or add according to your taste. Re..

Middle Eastern Spice Blend

The Middle Eastern blends are very rich in spices and flavors. This blend is very recommended for me..

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