Herbal Infusions

Herbal Infusions

Our Herbal Infusions & Tea line includes many different combinations of herbs that we grow in our farm and some products also include premium tea. 

The method you use in order to prepare the herbal infusion or tea is critical to the result so please read carefully, especially when it comes to tea and tea blends. 

1 Cup of boiling water
2.5 g (1-2 tsp.) of tea or herbal blend. 
1 Infuser.

1. Place the tea or herbal blend in the infuser. 
2. place infuser inside the cup and pour 6.5-7 oz of water at the right temperature depending on type of tea or infusion:
Green (160-170F), Black, White, Herbal and Oolong (205-212F) 
3. Steep for a few minutes depending on type of tea or infusion:
Green (2-3 Min.) Black and White (3-4 Min.) Oolong (5-7 Min, Herbal (5-7).
Blushing Bloom

This delicious blend of green tea, roses, rosehips, peach pieces and hibiscus could become your new ..

Cherry Rose Green

This lovely blended green tea is aromatic and flavorful with the richness of roses and dried cherrie..

Cup of Immunity

This blend is for health conscious tea drinkers.Ingredients: Elderberries, Echinacea, Olive Lea..

Cup of Peace

Cup of Peace is a blend of specifically selected herbs with a purpose to promote relaxing.  The..

$17.90 $13.50

This blend is another one with carefully selected ingredients to offer herbal balance to stimulate i..

Digest Aide

The ingredients in this infusion may be just what you need after a heavy meal. The perfect after-din..

Earl Grey

A traditional tea blend of quality black tea and bergamot flavoring. Ingredients: Black Tea,..

Green Soother

This is an herbal blend coupled with a quality green tea sure to soothe and calm you when you most n..

Heart Healthy

This infusion blend contains herbs and seeds related to a healthy circulatory system. Filtered wate..

Herbal Chai

As opposed to regular chai that has Black Tea, this is an herbal version that is caffeine free. ..

Herbal Spring

The ingredients in this blended infusion were carefully selected for digestive health.Ingredients:&n..

Island Green

This delicious blend of a quality green tea along with the exotic fruits of a tropical island will a..

Jasmin Dragon Balls

Typically rolled tea leaves and fragments of Jasmine buds unfurl gently in the water with flavor and..

Kenya Safari Tea

A rich black tea grown and carefully cultivated in Kenya. Filtered water at 205 - 212°F, cover an..

Lady Chai

An Indian traditional tea, chai is a blend of quality black tea and aromatic spices. Best served wit..

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