Ethnic Blends

Ethnic Blends

Ethnic blends are fascinating because they use recipes that transfer from generation to generation. Using the blends is more challenging than other blends and in most cases a specific recipe should be used.  

"Baharat" Spice Blend

A traditional blend used mostly with Mediterranean cuisine meat and poultry dishes. Ingredients..

"Berbere" - Ethiopian Spice Blend

A special blend that is a vital part of Ethiopian cuisine. In the last few years, a lot of recipes a..

"Chimichurri" - Argentinian Spice Blend

A green blend used for meat dishes that originated from Argentine. This blend is best used with Oliv..

"Chraime" - Morrocan Hot Spice Blend for Fish

A spicy blend used for hot fish dishes, originating from Morocco.  Ingredients: Sweet Morocc..

"Dukkah" - Egyptian Spice Blend

This blend is traditional to the Egyptian cuisine and offers a unique flavor to many dishes. In..

"Hawayij" - Yemen Spice for Coffee

A great spice blend used to enhance the flavor of Coffee related drinks.  Ingredients: ..

"Hawayij" - Yemen Spice for Soup

Can be used as a soup powder substitute or as soup natural flavor. Enriches every soup dish. A wonde..

"S'chug" - Yemen Hot Sauce Blend

A great dish to the spicy food lovers. A treditional blend, very common in Yemen and very easy to ma..

Chinese Five Spice Blend

A traditional Chinese that includes five staples from the Chinese cuisine. This blend can be used fo..

Green Curry

A great curry blend to use with poultry and lentils. This curry's main ingredient is coriander, whic..

Indian Curry Spice Blend

The most common well known curry. With the main ingredient being turmeric, this blend will make you ..

Spice Blend for making Falafel

Falafel is a Middle Eastern dish of fried chickpeas and makes a wonderful nutritious vegetarian dish..

Thai Curry Spice Blend

A unique curry blend with turmeric and galangal. Recommended to use for stir-fry dishes, fish and se..

Za'atar Spice Blend
$3.90 $3.50

Our Za'atar blend is made out of real Hyssop that we grow on our farm. The Hyssop makes a our blend ..

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