Fruit Infusions

Fruit Infusions

Our unique edible fruit infusions allow you to enjoy the amazing taste of infused dried fruits and to eat the fruits. 

Preparing a cup of a fruit infusion is as easy as instant coffee, you basically add the infusion, pour boiling water, let it steep for a few minuets and enjoy. As always, feel free to explore your own taste and customize the basic instructions accordingly. 

1 Cup of boiling water
1-2 tsp. of a fruit infusion.

Directions: Steep, Drink, Eat.
1. Pour the infusion into a cup.
2. Pour the boiling water into the cup.
3. Let the infusion steep for 2-3 Min. 
4. Drink, eat the fruits, enjoy.
A Cherry Sour

It won’t be long before Cherry Sour becomes one of your favorites.  The combination of ch..

Blueberry Fine

Amazing how the combination of these ingredients makes you feel like you are eating fresh blueberrie..

Gingered Apple

The fresh flavor of this blend is crisp and zingy at the same time. Refreshing!  Ingredients..

In the Wild

Close your eyes and imagine foraging for blackberries and hibiscus in the wild with this blend. Deli..

Lemon Nice

This lovely blend is packed with the punch of vitamin C.  Blackberries have a high concentratio..

Orange Pizzazz

If antioxidants and vitamin C are what you need, you have it in this delightful blend of Pineapple, ..

Pomegranate Passion

With the first sip of this blend, you are transported to a land of tranquility and an abundance of e..

Pomelo & Melon

he featured flavor in this blend is the pomelo. A cousin to the grapefruit but not as tart yet packe..

Spiced Apple

The base flavor in this infusion has to be the blended spices; cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Yummy!..

Strawberry Blush

The pineapple, papaya and hibiscus are the perfect base for the sweet flavor of strawberries.  ..


You cannot deny the power of vitamin C packed into this blend with Rose hips, Passion Fruit, Papaya,..

Sweet Coconut

This infusion will have you wondering if it is made from candy.  The delicious blend of exotic ..

Sweet Tahitian Tropics

Did you know vanilla is actually derived from orchids?  This infusion combines the tartness of ..


Blending passion fruit and strawberries will make you think of Valentine’s Day every day. Caffein..

Zesty Citrus

 Citrus fruits are naturally detoxifying and full of antioxidants.  Enjoy this blend of Pi..

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