Fish Blends

Fish Blends

Our fish blends allow you to cook fish dishes very easily and to spice up your fish. 

1 lb. of meat, poultry or fish.
2 tbsp. of one of our blends.
2 tbsp. of olive oil.

1. Mix the blend with the olive oil.
2. Rub the mixture on the meat, poultry or fish.
3. Cook, barbeque, bake, according to the dish.
4. Yes, it is that easy!
"Chraime" - Morrocan Hot Spice Blend for Fish

A spicy blend used for hot fish dishes, originating from Morocco.  Ingredients: Sweet Morocc..

Asian Fish Blend

A wonderful blend that captures the Asian flavors and can create a great fish dish by simply marinat..

Festive Fish Blend

    How to use: Add olive oil to the blend and rub into the fish. Ingredients..

Oregano Fish Blend

A green blend that combines garlic and oregano to enhance any fish dish. Ingredients: Garl..

Salmon Spice Blend

This blend can be used on any kind of fish, but mostly recommended to use with Salmon. The herbs and..

Saute Sage Herb Mix for Shrimp

This blend will make a great addition to the sauce when cooking shrimp or any seafood. The herbs we ..

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