Salad & Cheese

Salad & Cheese


Our Salad and Cheese blends can save you precious time and allow you to constantly use new flavors.
Cheese Blends

4 tbsp. soft cheese (Yogurt, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese etc.)
1 tbsp. of our cheese blend.

Directions: *
1. Mix the cheese and the blend.
2. Wait for 15 min. and let the flavors blend with the cheese. 


Simply sprinkle on any salad to add flavor.
Crunchy Salad Mix

What better way of spicing up your salad than to add a crunchy mix to your salad. Sesame, Cashews, A..

Garlic & Onion Seasoning Dip Mix

a combination of garlic and onion that will easily enhance your soft cheese and transform then into ..

Greek Salad Seasoning Mix

A Greek salad is made of lettuce, olives, tomato and feta cheese. This blend will enhance the dish b..

Hot Cheese Dip Mix

If you are looking for a spicy cheese dip, this blend is for you. When you add this blend to soft ch..

Hummus & Tahini Seasoning Blend

The benefit of the Middle Eastern diet is currently well-Known and the hummus is definitely a staple..

Multi-Seed Salad Topping Mix

A combination of seeds and nuts that spices up any salad dish. How to use: Sprinkle on sal..

Olive Oil Dip Mix

How to use: Add mixture to Olive Oil. Recommended for: Sauces, Pastries. Components:..

Onion & Herbs Seasoning Dip Mix

Part of our Dip Mix line, this blend is really easy to use and spices up any soft cheese. How t..

Onion Dip Mix

To those who like simplicity, what is easier than just adding the blend to soft cheese and eating.. ..

Roasted Vegetables Blend

A garlic based blend for roasted vegetables. This blend makes a very easy meal by cutting vegetables..

Salad Pistachio Mix

What a wonderful addition to your salad. Just sprinkle the mix on your salad and enjoy!Ingredients:&..

Sicilian Onion Dip Mix

An onion based dip mix that transform every soft cheese into a flavorful dish or snack. How To ..

Sumac & Onion Seasoning Dip Mix

A blend wonderful for savory dips. Can be used with any soft cheese. Ingredients: White On..

Tomato and Mint Dip Mix

Enhance your soft cheese  or dip by simply adding this wonderful dip mix. Ingredients:&nbs..

Tuscany Seasoning Mix

A delicious Italian mix that can be added to many dishes including pasta, chicken or even dips. &nbs..

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