Rice & Quinoa Blends

Rice & Quinoa Blends

The Spice Way’s Rice and Quinoa blends are a perfect example to the meal changing capabilities or our blends. Enjoy our variety of different blends and transform your plain rice dish into a celebration of flavors.  

2 cups of water
1/2 cup of rice/quinoa mix
1 cup of uncooked rice or quinoa
3-4 tsp. olive oil
1 tsp. salt.

Directions: *
1. Mix olive oil with the blend in a pan for 1 min.  
2. Add rice, water and salt and bring to a boil.
3. Cook on small flame until water evaporates. 
* (optional) when using mixes that include nuts or almonds, you can add the mixture after rice is cooked. 
"Majadra" - Lentils & Onion Mix
$6.90 $3.75

A great easy to use blend that enhances any rice or quinoa dishes. This blend has both lentils and T..

Almonds & Raisin Mix
$6.90 $3.50

A great blend for rice or quinoa that combines the earthy taste of the almonds, with a semi sweet ta..

Baharat and Pine Nut Mix

The combination of the rich Baharat, with pine nuts creates a wonderful interesting rice or quinoa d..

Curry Rice Mix

A mix for rice or quinoa that transforms your rice to an Indian style rice dish. Turmeric, Lentils a..

Five-Spice Asian Mix

A mix that is added to rice and quinoa to prepare a an Asian style rice dish. Ginger, Cashews and ca..

Middle Eastern Mix

How to use: Follow the cooking instructions in the recipe or add according to your taste. Re..

Mushrooms Mix

The combination of mushrooms and rice is a definite winner. How to use: Fry the mixture an..

Persian Mix

A traditional Persian rice dish blend. It is very easy to use. Traditionally Persian dishes are rich..

Pistachio Mix

Pistachio will definitely spice up your rice or quinoa dish. with onion and almonds you will create ..

Red Pecans & Nut Mix

An interesting mix for rice with pecans  and sunflower seeds for crunchy special rice or quinoa..

Red Sea Mix

A crunchy flavorful mix that is great to use with rice or quinoa. The almonds, Onion and blackberry ..

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