Meat & Poultry

Meat & Poultry

How great it is to have so many meat & poultry blends that has the power to transform each dish into a celebration of flavors. 

The preparation instructions are very easy:

1 lb. of meat or poultry.
2 tbsp. of one of our blends.
2 tbsp. of olive oil.

1. Mix the blend with the olive oil.
2. Rub the mixture on the meat, poultry or fish.
3. Cook, barbeque, bake, according to the dish.
4. Yes, it is that easy!

"Gondi" - Persian Meatballs Seasoning Blend

A traditional Persian blend for meat. This blend can enhance any meatball dish. The Chickpeas and Tu..

"Kebab" - Middle Eastern Ground Beef Blend

A great addition to the traditional middle eastern Kebab dish. All the green spices and herbs enhanc..

"Ras El Hanut" - Moroccan Meatballs Blend

A very special mixture of dried herbs and vegetables, known to enhance meat dishes. Ingredients..

"Tikka Masala" - Indian Chicken Blend

A great traditional Indian blend for chicken. Masala is the Indian word for blend where Tikka has go..

Barbeque Blend

How to use: Add olive oil to the blend and rub into the lamb.   Recommended for:&nbs..

Barbeque Spice Blend

Barbequing is an art and as such, it deserves colors and flavors. This blend will add the colors to ..

Bolognese Blend

A simple blend that includes all the spices you need for a great Bolognese ground beef dish. In..

Burger Spice Blend

When you make your own burger, you actually know what you are using but most of the time, it lacks s..

Espresso Meat Blend

The combination of meat and coffee is great and exciting. If you will try it you will see how the co..

Garam Masala Meat Blend

Masala is blend in Indian. This blend is an Indian traditional blend for meat with a combination of ..

Garlic and Herb Blend

A combination of garlic and herbs that will enhance your meat dishes. Add to olive oil and rub into ..

Grilled Chicken Blend

Grilled chicken is a very popular dish but finding the right combination of spices to go with it is ..

Hearty Herb Blend

A wonderful red blend for meat that allows you to enjoy the wonderful combination of rosemary and pa..

Hot Chili Pepper Blend

A wonderful blend that contains a variety of chilies. Great to use with meat for spicy dishes. ..

Middle Eastern Spice Blend

The Middle Eastern blends are very rich in spices and flavors. This blend is very recommended for me..

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