Why The Spice Way

The Spices industry is uprising significantly worldwide and people are becoming more continuous about what they eat, more open to new flavors and acknowledging ancient wisdom that used spices and herbs to monitor and improve health.


The Spice Way stores are knowledge centers and as such the staff's training is an important factor that we take seriously. As our franchisee you will over-go extensive training including on-site guidance and help while taking your first steps. Our training program takes into consideration that you have no knowledge in how to run a business, our products, marketing and every other factor of the business and that is why we do not require any past knowledge and experience from our franchisee. All you have to be is a motivated individual that feels that same passion that we do regarding spices and herbs and we will get you to the required level you need. 



As a franchisee you are entitled to The Spice Way Manual. An extensive manual that shares the foundations of our concept, managing tools, product information, marketing guidelines and basically all the information you will need in an easy to read organized way.


Our Products

Being a The Spice Way franchisee you gain access to our produce as well as international resources that brings fresh vast variety quality products. In addition our product line is dynamic and we constantly adding products for you to choose from and better serve your customers.


Location Location Location

Like with any retail based business location is a key factor of the store's success. We will work closely with you and make sure that you will make the right choice. In addition, we will use our numerous retail experience to make sure you customize the concept and design to the desired location.