The Spice Way Franchise Opportunity

Thank you so much for your interest in The Spice Way franchise opportunity. The Spice Way is an international concept with branded stores in the United States, Europe and the middle-east. It all started with a small farm 20 years ago, growing spices and herbs using traditional methods and becoming a few years later a leading center of education and spice related tourism.

in 2007, we started customizing our agriculture concept into urban stores and as the word about our unique products spread, hundreds of stores started selling our products worldwide. Our first franchise store in the U.S. opened in San Diego on April 2015. Its success led to the second store in LA a year later. 

Our international experience showed us that the identity of the first few franchisees in any country is crucial to the chain's success and that is why we are not rushing into any additional stores before we find the right pioneers that will become part of The Spice Way team. 

The Spices industry is uprising significantly worldwide and people are becoming more continuous about what they eat, more open to new flavors and acknowledging ancient wisdom that used spices and herbs to monitor and improve health.

We are proud of our ability to take all the experience and knowledge that we accumulated over the years and transfer it to our franchisees, thus enabling them to form retail knowledge centers that promotes the use of spices and herbs. 

Our concept includes a unique retail presentation that enables customers to experience the products and to purchase it in bulk or prepackaged jars. Our customers taste, smell and observe products and receive information and instructions regarding easy use methods.

We are currently offering franchise opportunities for potential franchisees who are looking to join us in this exciting journey of expanding to the states. This opportunity will allow you to grow with our company. If you share our passion for spices, enjoy cooking and fine food and fascinated by the ancient wisdom of the use of herbs and spices, The Spice Way is looking for you. 

Please feel free to read all the information presented in this website and to contact us and receiving all the information from us. Please read the following link in order to browse through our Franchise Legal Disclaimer